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Weather Warning – Installed Water Treatment Systems & Running Tap Water

What’s the influence of freezing weather on your water treatment system?

What can you do to keep the tap water running and what if the pipes get frozen?

Water Treatment System in Freezing Weather

With a severe weather warning in place for the whole of the county we are advising all our customers to pay some attention to their water treatment system. All water treatment equipment should be well insulated. CWS are not responsible for any damage that maybe caused to your treatment system in freezing / poor weather conditions.

What can you do keep the tap water running & lesen the risk of frozen pipes?

Here is an advice from Richard Burke of the Heating and Plumbing Association of Ireland:

Protect the house as best as you could – leave the heating running a lot longer, maybe at a lower heat, just to have it tipping away.
Having an attic with tanks? Then leave the trap door open a bit to bring some heat up there.

Accordint to Irish Water, you should cover any gaps under doors and around windows to ensure cold air is not getting inside. Also, try to heat rooms without heaters by opening doors of heated rooms so that the warm air circulates, which will help to prevent pipes and tanks from freezing.

Advice from us? Make some fresh drinking water reserve by filling big bottles with your filtered tap water and keep it in a warm place for later! You will have enough healthy purified water in case pipes get frozen.;)