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Do You Qualify For A Water Treatment Grant?

Did you know? There are grants available to help you finance water treatment systems.

Don’t miss out that opportunity to get a grant to cover up to 85% of the costs! Apply today!

Group Water Supply

A grant of €6,475 / 85% is available to cover the costs for each house in the scheme!

Also, there is an annual subsidity offered by local authorities to cover the running costs.

The amount of grant depends on the location. Contact your local authority for more information.

Group Water Scheme

In some areas there is no public water supply and a local authority doesn’t plan to arrange a public water system in a near future. In this case, households are connected to a “group water schemes”. A trustee acts on behalf of the households and deals with the local authority.

You can apply for a group water scheme grant if:

Two or more householders are going to provide homes and farms with a new (previously non-existing) water system.
A committee that represents the scheme members must propose the scheme and the local authority must approve it.

Annual subsidy for the running costs – 100% of the qualifying expenditure with the limits:

€70 for each house supplied from a from a local authority source (public mains)
€140 for each house supplied from a private source (such as a private well)
Where households using group water scheme provide their own water treatment plant under a Design, Build, Operate (DBO) contract, a new subsidy is paid to cover the full production cost of treated water for domestic use.

How and where can you apply for a group water supply grant?

Grant forms and further information can be found on your local authority website.

Ground water as a private water supply

You can apply for a grant if you are using / will be connected to a private well as a household water supply.

A grant of up to €2,031.58 / 75% of the amount spent can be received!

If your house is more than 7 years old and not connected to either a public or a group scheme, you may be qualified to get a grant.

Private Water Supply (Ground Water)

The grant conditions:

Used for a new water supply or to upgrade an existing one.
Only one grant per house will be allowed in any 10-year period.
Proposed work must cost over €635.

The grant is eligible for these types of works:

Drilling of a new well water
Provision of essential pumping
Water filtration/disinfection equipment

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