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A water softener is effective in tackling hard water problems like limescale by eliminating minerals dissolved in water.
For hotels, restaurants, and anyone working in the hospitality sector, first impressions are critical to success. Being in the hospitality industry means to create comfortable environments for your cu
The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) released a report about the quality of drinking water in public water supplies based on findings in Ireland during 2017. We have selected the most important inf
What’s the influence of freezing weather on your water treatment system? What can you do to keep the tap water running and what if the pipes get frozen? Water Treatment System in Freez
Did you know? There are grants available to help you finance water treatment systems. Don’t miss out that opportunity to get a grant to cover up to 85% of the costs! Apply today! Group Wate
Recently, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) published a report of drinking water quality in Ireland in 2016. The document highlights the issues of drinking water in public water supply and the i
Since 2001 Celtic Water Solutions has installed an maintained water treatment systems and filters for a wide range of customers. We have written this frequently asked questions blog post to aide you w
A UV lamp is not an ordinary light bulb. One of the most misunderstood things about a UV water treatment system is why the lamp should be changed even though it still appears to be working. Why is it
There are many things that can give drinking water a bad taste and a foul odour. Reasons could include chemicals used to treat your drinking water, environmental contaminants or even concentrations of
It’s common knowledge that drinking eight glasses of water a day is essential for the body to function properly, however, most people will tell you that they do not drink enough water. While we all
Benefits Of Water – Beautiful Skin Clean water helps improve dry scalp conditions Benefits Of Water – Beautiful SkinIt’s no wonder that spa owners across the nation are turn
Benefits Of Drinking Clean Water – Weight Loss The answer to weight loss is all around you. If you eat right and exercise at the intensity, frequency and duration appropriate for