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Welcome to Celtic Water Solutions

Celtic Water Solutions (CWS) is a leading provider of water treatment and hygiene solutions, offering a broad portfolio of products, services and expertise to support residential, commercial, and industrial customers. For the last 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners & businesses experience the benefits of filtered and purified water.

Our commitment to quality products and ongoing service has garnered us the trust of over 50,000 satisfied customers across Ireland.

We are a proud member of the Culligan Group, the world-leading provider of innovative and sustainable water solutions.

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We Solve Water Problems

No matter what water problem you may have, we’re confident in our ability to deliver a solution.

Water Softeners
Eliminate 100% limescale from your house with CWS Clack Water Softeners. Protect your skin, save energy bills, & increase the lifespan of your appliances.
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Drinking Water Systems
Enjoy excellent quality drinking water free from contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, & lead straight from your kitchen tap with our range of reverse osmosis water filters.
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Well Treatment
Improve the quality of water from your private water source with our range of specialist well treatment solutions. Remove iron, manganese, bacteria, pH & much more.
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Water Coolers & Dispensers
Promote hydration at your workplace with our modern, innovative, cost-efficient & robust line of water dispensers & bottle fillers.
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Enjoy a Limescale Free Home

With a CWS Water Softener in your home, everything that involves water gets better. From softer skin & shinier hair to long-lasting appliances, enjoy the benefits of soft water throughout your house. With any of our water softening systems, get more out of your water-using appliances while spending less on energy and cleaning products.

Our water softeners are designed to greatly remove hard water deposits & prevent limescale buildup. No matter the size of your home or your water usage, CWS has a water softener system to meet your needs.



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Healthy & Great Tasting Drinking Water

CWS isn’t just about soft water – we want to make your water taste better too. Our drinking water systems are an economical & environment-friendly way to reduce unwanted contaminants found in tap water & deliver better tasting for your whole family. Once tasted, we are confident you’ll never go back.

From a basic water filter all the way to multiple-stage RO systems, we can supply you with a filtration system that will fit your needs & budget.



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Plastic Pledge

Every day we remind ourselves that so much can be done to protect our planet.

We are committed to reducing plastic waste and helping Ireland to play its part in achieving the goals set out in the EU Circular Economy Package.

All our water filter components are engineered for minimal waste including our reusable outer filter casings and filter cartridges made of recyclable parts and compostable materials.

Shop our eco-friendly water filters and other products to get healthy, great-tasting water that also helps the planet.

What Our Customers Say

Quick and professional installation. I couldn't believe the water taste! Our water had a not very pleasant taste and a super-strong Chlorine odour. That's all gone now. Plus, no more plastic waste from bottled water! Highly recommended.
Sebastian Slotwinski, Dublin 16
Don’t usually write reviews, but am so impressed by the new Clack water softener installed by Celtic Water Solutions, felt I had to. I did a significant amount of research regarding the different types on the market and came to the conclusion that the Clack system was the best….by a mile. Well all I can say is: get a clack system installed by Celtic Water Solutions, “THEY WORK, THE DIFFERENCE IS ALMOST IMMEDIATE“.
Paul Stoneman, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Before getting our under-sink filter installed by CWS, I suffered from severe mouth ulcers & stomach upsets, also occasionally headaches. Water from our filter tastes great & I drink much more now, bringing it to work too. In two months since it was installed all three symptoms have cleared up! I’m delighted with the product and friendly service. I am recommending CWS to friends & neighbours.
Mai Byrne, Kiltegan, Co. Carlow
The system is brilliant. Limescale is finally gone from my house. Taps and showers are so shine and clean that I can use it instead of mirror. The whole process from talking to a salesman to installation was a pleasure. Quick, professional and friendly. Whatever was promised, was completed. The installer called a day earlier to arrange for a suitable time and arrived on time. The job was nicely done and no mess was left behind. I can’t recommend you enough. Fantastic service and the system! Thank you for the good experience.
Viktorija Petruchno, Johnstown, Co Meath
Absolutely delighted with Celtic Water. Haven't bought bottled water since it was installed. Would definitely recommend them. Neat job. Came when planned and the water tastes amazing.
Richard Reilly, Co Galway
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