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3-Stage Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis


Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis 3-Stage




  • 3 stages of tap water purification
  • Softening and chlorine reduction 1 L per minute filtration rate
  • Simple installation and replacement of filters
  • Compact dimensions

Purified by the filter, water preserves all its valuable properties!




Benefits of using the filter

  • Products will taste better
  • Natural aroma and taste of tea and coffee
  • Home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker etc.) will be protected from scale
  • Purified water can be used to water flowers


1st stage of filtration: removes calcium which forms deposits and total dissolved solids (partially)

2nd stage of filtration: removes iron, organic carbon, chlorine, colourness

3rd stage of filtration: removes organochlorines, bad taste and smell

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