Protecting your Water Softener from Jack Frost

Protecting your Water Softener from Jack Frost

Summer has only just been and gone, and already we are looking towards Winter, however when it comes to the protection of your water softener it is best to be prepared. Our most recent winters have seen temperatures drop to minus 15C, these severe and prolonged freezing conditions can cause serious damage to water softeners installed outside. We would advise customers to protect their water softener with the installation of an outside cover unit, this unit will protect your water softener from general weather conditions such as wind and rain.

In the case of frost however it is advised that customers go a step further. It is most important to ensure that all pipework is completely insulated, the most vulnerable point is the point in which the pipework enters the house. If a small section of pipework became frozen and temperatures remained below zero, it can cause the frost to travel through the pipes and lead to cracks/ burst pipes.

Another precaution to take during particularly bad weather is to set the clock on your water softener to carry out the scheduled back wash during the day, when temperatures may be slightly higher. Once the cold period has passed the clock can be reset to the normal time.


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