Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

The main question we are asked here at Celtic Water Solutions is often “how is filtered water superior to tap or bottled water?” Our answer to this is filtered water from your tap or your well is the safest, healthiest, and most inexpensive way forward.

  • filtr_dowodyWater filters can greatly reduce the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer and bladder cancer by removing chlorine and chlorine by products from drinking water.
  • Both tap and bottled water have been found to contain numerous organic and inorganic contaminants.
  • Pure water is of utmost importance for children, filtered water provides the healthiest source of water for a child’s developing immune system.
  • At present Irish tap water is being fluoridated, it is known that fluoridation in water can cause irreversible tooth enamel that can cause permanent damage.
  • During the 1970’s lead pipework was commonly used in construction of houses, meaning that lead can be present in tap water.
  • Our bodies have a natural pH level of 7.4, this level needs to be maintained in order for it to
    function properly. Drinking unfiltered water that contains levels of chlorine, sulphates, and nitrates can throw this balance and as a result cause the immune system to weaken.
  • When water is 100% pure and free of contaminants consuming the recommended 8 glasses a day can benefit health in many ways, it can boost energy levels, improve mental and physical performance, and aid the removal of toxins and waste from the body by allowing proper digestion to occur.

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