Fluoridation of Our Water

Did you know that the Irish Government is currently fluoridating our tap water??

Fluoride is a chemical ion of the element fluorine. Fluoride is also synthesized in laboratories in the form of Hydrofluorosilicic acid, the diluted version of Fluorosilicic acid, which is an inexpensive liquid by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. It is this synthesized fluoride that is currently being added to our tap water.

Fluoridation of Water

Fluoridation of Our Water;Water fluoridation was introduced over forty years ago, and at the time was hailed a saviour to our childrens teeth. At this time water fluoridation was common practice across Europe. Today, however, this practice has not only been abandoned and in some cases banned across Europe, yet Irish tap water continues to be fluoridated.
Over the years extensive research has been carried out, results of which have linked cancer, osteoporosis, thyroid dysfunction, and genetic damage to water fluoridation.

Celtic Water Solutions recommends the installation of a Reverse Osmosis drinking unit to provide you with clean, pure, un-fluoridated water.

If you are concerned about fluoride in your water contact our office to speak to a dedicated member of our team; phone 093 60705, e-mail; website;

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